Toyota regretted stopping production of this car. Now it's arrogant to return. What's the A4L

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toyota regretted stopping production car.

Joint venture automobile enterprises have always had excellent market performance in China's automobile market , Toyota is an excellent representative . For example, its Camry gives it a very strong advantage in the field of medium-sized vehicles , In fact, Toyota's Ruizhi was once a model with strong advantages , But I don't know why Toyota stopped it , However, in the whole market, the voice for the resumption of production of this car has always been relatively high , It also makes Toyota regret stopping this car , So this time Toyota has responded to everyone's needs , The resumption of production of this car is a domineering return . Let's take a specific look at this car .

In fact, it can be seen from the whole appearance that the obvious upgrade is still fashionable in design elements , After all, it has been shut down for so many years , The overall mainstream aesthetics has undergone great changes . So the upgrade of appearance is also expected , The shape of the tail is as sporty as the front , The double side four out exhaust layout also improves its sports performance to a certain extent , The overall shape is very coordinated and fashionable .

The interior layout inherits the style of the previous generation , It has a clearer sense of hierarchy , The whole interior is scattered , configuration espacc These mainstream technology configurations are relatively complete , Reflect the Japanese design style incisively and vividly , The overall sense of design is particularly excellent .

The power is also eye-catching ,2.5 Ascending is 6 Match the engine 6 Speed automatic transmission , With a 203 Maximum power output of horsepower and 243 Niumi's kite torque , The overall performance is quite strong , As well as 3.5 L and 6 Power configuration such as high-speed manual transmission , Very good performance .

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