Three classic SUVs, with super performance and good price, are worth having

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classic suvs super performance good

Peugeot 4008  The guided :18.57-23.07 Ten thousand yuan Purchase tax preference :7936-9859 element Now it's the latest model in China 4008 It's actually overseas ( In France ) edition 3008 A long wheelbase model .

The interior space is sufficient , The seats are made of leather and have a strong touch , The steering wheel and center console are covered with a large number of soft materials , The workmanship is excellent and the hand feel is very delicate .

Buick envision 20T Ankovi is the first time Buick has set foot in a medium-sized city with fierce competition SUV Market models , It brings a lot of breakthroughs to this market , Is to make the opponent cold , Also recognized by consumers .

BMW X1 18Li The guided :28.6-31.9 Ten thousand yuan Purchase tax preference :12222-13632 element As an introduction to a luxury brand SUV, new generation X1 Yes, it provides practical SUV Everything that can be provided .

Maybe it's a little uncomfortable for love powder , But in the final analysis , Most of them pay attention to brand and practicality. Paying for a single person is welcome to the precursor of BMW . At least , Precursor can make space It's getting big

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