Fortunately, I didn't buy Xingtu! Jietu new car has a big change of blood, with 5 / 6 / 7 seats and a 10-year warranty

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fortunately didn buy xingtu jietu

In recent years, China's domestic car market for various reasons , As a result, the sales volume of major automobile enterprises has declined to varying degrees , There is a brand from China , In this year's 1~10 The cumulative sales volume in January reached 10 Ten thousand units , At the same time, his birth time is only 15 Months , It comes from Chery's jietu , For such an emerging brand , To achieve this result, the performance is still very excellent , What I want to say today is a new model of his , It's a quick way to change blood X95. Fortunately, I didn't buy Xingtu ! Rapid way X95 A big exchange of blood ,5/6/7 Seat belt 10 Annual warranty , Key deficiencies 10W

First of all, from the appearance design of this new car , You can find the overall shape and shortcut of this car x70 Is basically consistent , However, the body size of the whole vehicle has been increased , Its length can reach 4.875 rice , The width of the car is 1.925 rice , How high is 1.78 rice , The lines on the side are straight and three-dimensional , Combined with black coating , Create a suspended roof effect , Make him look fashionable and dynamic .

When you open the door, you will find that the interior of this car also highlights its fashion and luxury , In the central control area , Hierarchical risk of risk , This design also gives this car a little more atmospheric and three-dimensional effect , At the same time, the instrument panel is designed to stretch the atmosphere , The size of the large central control screen is also very large , Make its internal space not only convenient and practical , It also has a sense of luxury and Technology , Although the design of each area can be used for reference , But it's very harmonious , There are... In the layout of the seats 5 seat 6 Seat and 7 Seats to choose from , It can meet the various needs of different consumers .

In terms of power, the car is equipped with 1.5t and 1.6t The engine , Its maximum use power can reach 156 and 197 horsepower , The maximum torque is 230 and 299 Cattle meters , The traditional aspects are matched by 6mt and 7 Fast double clutch gearbox , The power performance of this car is quite good , There is no problem in dealing with our daily use , Key belt 10 Annual warranty , This alone is more true than the star path .

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