320000 picked up the red flag H9 and drove the BMW 5 series two months later. The first batch of owners: the gap is obvious

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picked red flag h9 drove

Hello everyone , What I share with you in this issue is 《32 Wan carried a red flag H9,2 Drive a BMW in a month 5 system , First car owners : The gap is clear 》

I'm red flag H9 The owner of the car, Lao Wang , I picked up this car in my 40s , I have a different feeling for the red flag car since I was a child , Maybe I've experienced hard times , Cherish the good life now , Although there is no 20 Young people in their early years are frivolous , After years of training , He has become more mature in dealing with the world , This and the red flag H9 The characteristics are more like , They are all mature and stable types .

But occasionally “ I'm crazy about talking ”, Run down the mountain road , Drive aggressively . This time I want to compare my friend's new BMW 5 system , Land fast 50 ten thousand , Both cars are of the same level , Take this opportunity to give you a comparative test drive , Tell me about my experience , I hope it will help you .

The first is appearance , The red flag H9 The shape design of is independently developed , Organically combine oriental charm with Western ideas , Create a style similar to Rolls Royce , The net of high mountains and waterfalls ,U The chevron chrome decoration is properly integrated into the front of the car . new LOGO The design is similar to the central axis of the Forbidden City , Let the front of the car show dignity 、 Aggressive visual feeling .

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