The 5-meter-3 body is one lap larger than Prado. The domestic seven seat SUV is attacking, and hanlanda's position is not guaranteed

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5-meter-3 meter body lap larger

In China's domestic market ,SUV The popularity of has always been high , With the development of the economy , More and more people like to take their families out to travel , The seven seat SUV More and more popular with consumers , But the two best selling seven seats SUV Always hannanda , Ruijie two , And today's car ,5 rice 3 body , The wheelbase 3.7 rice , A lap bigger than Prado , It is expected to go on sale next year , Hannanda's position is not preserved !

In appearance design , jianghuai SC-9 The appearance is quite avant-garde and trendy , Front part , The huge body gives it a big face , Although China open is very big , But with the surrounding three-dimensional design , The front face is not monotonous at all , Full of personality and a sense of massiness , The visual effect is very good !

From the side of the car ,SC-9 conductor 5.3 rice , Broad 2 rice . high 1.8 rice , The wheelbase to 3.7 rice , The space performance is very abundant , And its wheel arches and side lines are full of muscle , Very proud !

The design of the tail is no worse than that of the front face , The side marker lamp and brake lamp across the tail are clearly arranged ,SC-9 Not just big guys , Non load carrying body 、 High ground clearance and 4WD system , Bring it a certain off-road ability ,20 10000 starting price , More cost-effective than hanlanda !

source : Qingluan period

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