Volkswagen is going to take the luxury car route. Jetta's new car goes directly to a higher level, and the coach is going to laugh

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volkswagen going luxury car route.

Volkswagen has always occupied a pivotal position in the domestic auto industry , In people's mind, it is also the representative of the cutting-edge of domestic cars . This is people's recognition and appreciation of its brand effect and quality . see , Volkswagen has never stopped moving forward beyond its existing capabilities and status . Now it's also taking the high-end route of luxury cars .

This is the new Jetta on display at the Guangzhou Auto Show . Compared with the old model , It does have many places to attract people's attention , Especially its tireless pursuit of perfection in details .

From the exquisite front multi mesh grille , The unique bumper cross bar at the bottom is designed to handle the new and cooler aluminum alloy two-color wheel hub , These changes are showing people that this one is more perfect , A new model to a higher level .

Then look at interior . White and light grey , There is no loss of luxury in generosity . The center console is simple and exquisite , In line with the current design concepts and skills of many luxury cars .

Since the launch of the new Jetta , It has received a lot of attention . It seems that the public has improved its level in this step , Pursuit of exquisite cars , The chess of taking the luxury route is right . This car reminds people of the comparison with the ordinary cars used every time they practice , The existence of this car , The advantages of high-end comfort and easy operation must make the coach laugh .

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