The price of Golf GTI Club Sport is exposed, but so is fox rs

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price golf gti club sport

We all know that men like super running , But the price of millions makes countless people stop here , So the performance car and small steel gun were born , They have the advantages of people-friendly price and strong motivation , Attracted countless fans , One of the more famous models is Honda Civic TYPE-R、 golf GTI、 BMW MINI COOPER S、 Ford focus RS、 subaru STI Models such as , It's a classic of classics .

Recently, we learned another piece of heavy news from the magical overseas media , New golf GTI Clubsport Price announcement , The selling price is 37315 pound , If converted into RMB, it is about 32.8 Ten thousand yuan .

A new car is actually GTI Upgraded version , For engine 、 Brake system 、 The suspension is optimized and adjusted , More powerful performance !

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