Red flag pushes the new L4, the interior is comparable to Mercedes Benz and BMW, and the red flag logo embellishes the body

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red flag pushes new l4

Among many car brands in China , If you want to mention the oldest , The most classic car brand , The car brand of red flag will not be unfamiliar to everyone , After all, after the founding of new China , Our economy is at a stage of development , This car brand exists as a high-end car brand in everyone's eyes , And over time , The rapid development of automobile technology in China , Hongqi, an automobile brand, also stands out after continuous competition , Become the pride of China's independent automobile brand .

Now red flag has launched a lot of car series , And today we're going to talk about L The series is also widely loved by many car owners ,L The series not only continues CA770 Many classic design elements , And the design method is more in line with the driving needs of car owners , More mature , The overall appearance of the car is also very classic and atmospheric .

Everyone knows the of red flag L5 The sales volume of the series of cars is already very good , Loved by many car owners . And more recently L In the new series L4 Will also appear in front of everyone , And according to online reports, red flag L4 The interior decoration is also very luxurious , So the price of this model is close to Mercedes Benz S And BMW 7 system .

This red flag L4 It also absorbs the classic design of Rolls Royce , The door is a double door design , The whole body has a high-end atmosphere , The interior is also very spacious , According to online reports, the design of this model is also very humanized , Equipment equipped with an umbrella in the car .

In the driving car , The whole driver's seat is very spacious and comfortable , All kinds of entertainment equipment are also available , The interior is completely comparable to that of Mercedes Benz and BMW , This makes many car owners feel the impulse to buy .

And there are many red flag embellishments on the car body , To build our national brand . Not only the appearance is high-end, but also the atmosphere is high-grade , 4.0T V8 Power ,8 The high-speed automatic transmission also ensures the driving performance of the car . The overall appearance is not lost to many imported brands of cars , I believe that after going public , It will certainly be welcomed by people from all walks of life , For the progress of the red flag , Do you keep looking forward to him ?

source : Bai Yunting

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