The man received a piece of rotten iron sheet for 1000 yuan. After refitting, the passers-by envied it and walked away silently when they heard the cost

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man received piece rotten iron

With the increasing popularity of modified vehicles , More and more people like to refit their cars by themselves, so as to bring them infinitely close to what they imagine . And there is such an unwritten law in the automotive industry , Those seem to have little value in most eyes , Even a pile of scrap iron waste vehicles can be very valuable in the eyes of some people . see , A guy confirmed this to others .

He was fascinated by refitting cars , I like the drum beating car when I have nothing to do . First of all, he spent 1000 yuan from the scrap market to buy back the skeleton of this scrap car that is really the same as scrap iron in the eyes of others . Then he started his refitting trip .

His modification steps start from the inside out of the car . He first finished all the spare parts and installation of the car . The spare parts he chose are very expensive and high-end . He also bought a super powerful engine to install in the car .

Then he began to work on the appearance of the car , You can't keep the car shape as old as it just came back from the abandoned market . Repaint with new paint, etc , It's a pleasure for the boy to do these jobs .

Finally, a new car appeared in front of everyone . When we first saw this car, we couldn't believe it was made from the original scrapped car skeleton . While passers-by envy this car, which is comparable to a new car , Hearing the effort and money spent by the boy to transform it, he walked away silently . The guy spent too much money on it .

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