Refitting Lamborghini urus, the three outlet exhaust pipe is very aggressive

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refitting lamborghini urus outlet exhaust

The world's top SUV It's Lamborghini Urus, I believe anyone who has seen this car will be impressed , And after modification , The impact of this car is stronger , Although the design is still a modified brand Mansory Design style of , But the exterior design is more challenging , And the car has a new name Venatus.

The appearance of the car is very eye-catching , The color of matte grey for body paint , It seems full of mystery , The car body is made of a lot of carbon fiber , Make the overall weight reduce a lot , There is not much change in the car , It's still the style of the original car , Black leather trim with orange embellishment , Make the whole look more energetic , The oversized grille makes the front of the car look like a beast , The sharp headlights on both sides are angular , Reveal a sense of ferocity , The surrounding of the movement also improves the domineering feeling of the car . The side collocation is 23 Inch hub , This is the largest wheel hub in the brand mass production vehicle , It looks very harmonious when used on such a domineering body , The front wheels use ten piston brake calipers , The rear wheels are single piston .

The body length is more than five meters , The wheelbase is also more than three meters , It's a real big guy , But it doesn't look bulky at all , Instead, it became a more ferocious sports car . The lines at the rear of the car are full of power , The back surround of carbon fiber is also very handsome , It's just that the pattern is different from that before modification , The decoration is gray and black , It looks a bit like snake skin , That's why the name of this car is Venatus, It means serpentine . The most attractive thing is the three out tail row , More arrogant than the original two sides , Can show a strong sense of domineering at any time .

The power is matched with one V8 The engine , The maximum horsepower is 650 horse , The torque can reach 850 Cattle meters , Before modification , This car is already the second fastest in the world SUV 了 , Although there is no upgrade now , But the performance is already excellent , It can bring flying pleasure to the driver . This car, in any way , Very individual , However, such a high-performance car can only be the plaything of the rich .

source : China Star circle

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