Domineering MPV brother will show you GAC motor M8

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domineering mpv brother gac motor

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In recent years, , Chinese auto brands have significantly improved their car manufacturing strength and reputation . Many Chinese brands have begun to move towards high-end . Today, I want to talk about the car from GAC motor M8. As a luxury business in China MPV Our Creator , The kei M8 The performance in terms of product power is quite excellent , And has been sought after by some consumers , The sales volume is also quite satisfactory . Don't talk much , Next, let's take a look at trumpchi M8 The experience of real shooting .

The kei M8 2021 paragraph Leader series 390T The front face of the supreme version presents a dynamic design style , The large-area grille is very visual impact , The headlamp has a unique shape , With a certain degree of recognition .

The size of the car is 5089/1884/1822mm, The wheelbase is 3000mm, With Michelin tires , The specifications of the front and rear tires are 225/55 R18, With multi spoke rim .

The rear design , The kei M8 The whole has taken the founder's line , The exhaust layout adopts the design of double side and double outlet , Plus the exquisite tail lights , Create a good visual effect .

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