Toyota's overbearing successor appears! More domineering than Pajero. Do you choose the crown with it?

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toyota overbearing successor appears domineering

Prado is a very famous pure hardline off-road vehicle in China . His powerful power output and super long body , It has established his strong position in the whole domestic car market . However, due to the increasing environmental problems , Prado, a large displacement vehicle, does not meet the environmental protection standards of national VI , So it's going to be 6 The production was stopped in January , So Toyota in order to find a successor to Prado , It is expected that Fortuner Introduce the domestic market .

As a hard car , His overall appearance is better than Prado, which has made us have a certain aesthetic fatigue , A lot of fashion , Although the front face is not so masculine , But the curved lines add a certain sense of sprouting and affinity . The design method of water tank at the lower part of the front of the car , Let him show some frivolous feelings as a whole . Round fog lights and LED Headlamp with light source , Let it have a very good lighting effect . The side is not very atmospheric , But the suspended roof made him feel more flexible , The body doesn't have a strong sense of line , Not too much muscle feeling , For the identity of off-road vehicle, the momentum is not enough . But it's more domineering than Pajero .

As an off-road vehicle , It has 4.795×1.855×1.835 Body dimensions and 2.745 Meter wheelbase , The overall spatial performance is pretty good , But the interior is the same as the appearance , Not very close to the off-road positioning , The overall color matching is quite fashionable , Light colored leather material covering the seat and door panel of the center console , Reveal the warm and fashionable feeling , Regular central control layout and reasonable key layout , Handles very well . Constant speed cruise on the steering wheel , The keys for sound adjustment are also more convenient , Control of the entire vehicle .

motivation , This car uses a 2.7 L naturally aspirated engine , Have 120 Kilowatts and 246 The overall parameter dynamic performance of niumi looks relatively general . But compared with Prado , He is in line with the country 6 The emission standard of , This is the most important point , And the car also has a rear axle differential lock and a car 4 Area and other off-road configurations .

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