Taught! The difference between maintaining SUV and ordinary car is here!

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taught difference maintaining suv ordinary

SUV Because of its broad vision and versatility, it is favored by consumers , Therefore, more and more people will choose SUV.SUV The maintenance is also different from that of ordinary cars , Let's teach you today SUV Three tips for maintenance .

1.“ The way to wash the car ”—— Wash the car properly

According to the SUV Introduction of vehicle experts , The car's paint itself contains chemicals , The vehicle is not cleaned for a long time , Some substances will adhere to the paint , These substances will react with the chemical composition of the paint , The paint on the vehicle will be damaged . If the vehicle paint is white , It will gradually turn yellow ; If it's metallic , The paint will fall off .

The car is dirty , It should be cleaned , however , Don't wash the car too often . at present , The car wash service in the market is uneven , There are also differences in the quality of cleaning agents used . Many car washes use washing powder 、 Detergent acts as a detergent , The chemicals in these detergents , It will also have a certain impact on the body paint . in addition , Most car washes use ordinary rags to dry the water on the car body , The material of the rag is improperly selected , It can also scratch the paint . Strictly speaking, , When washing the car, wash the dust adhered to the car first , Then wash with professional detergent , After washing the car, use a professional rag , A corner where water drops are easy to hide ( For example, rearview mirror, etc ) Use a professional hair dryer to dry . If you go to a very professional car wash , Even frequent car washing will not damage the car , But if you just go to an ordinary roadside car wash , Or don't be too frequent .

2.“ The way to change oil ”—— Nothing beats nothing

According to the SUV Introduction of vehicle experts ,SUV Usually four-wheel drive 4WD Design , To cope with different road conditions . Most of them SUV The differential on the rear axle is equipped with anti-skid device , In case a wheel slips , Make sure the other wheel still has grip ; In this case, it is easy to produce high temperature , Damage the differential . Therefore, consumers should use appropriate lubricating oil according to the original manufacturer's recommendations , Good lubrication 、 High temperature resistance, etc , In order to truly and thoroughly protect the differential and automatic transmission . meanwhile , Because of the high temperature , Engine oil tends to oxidize and thicken , Cause carbon deposit on the piston , And make the oil produce sediment , Accelerate oil aging , Easy to wear parts . therefore SUV The owner had better shorten the oil change mileage , Regularly replace high-quality fully synthetic products 、 High stability engine oil , Is the best way to maintain the engine .

3.“ The way to health ”—— Interior cleaning

Yes, it has been open for some time SUV, Due to the complex and changeable driving environment , Therefore, it's best to often do some thorough interior cleaning .

SUV You can't just rely on one kind of cleaner and protector for your car cleaning . Due to the different materials of various parts in the car , And it's messy 、 Dispersed , Care should be taken to choose and use different cleaners . Choose alkaline cleaner , Although there is Whitening 、 Decontamination effect , But there will be some future problems , Alkaline detergent will soak the flannelette 、 Leather chair 、 Ceiling , Finally there is hardening 、 Craze . The professional approach should be to choose PH The value does not exceed 10 Cleaning solution for .

One third of the cars are repaired , Seven points depend on , After buying the car, the most important thing is to maintain it , Do a good job in the daily maintenance of the car , To maximize the performance of the car , It can also prolong the service life of various components , Finally, driving safety can be improved .

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