As soon as Zhongtai T700 picked up the car, it fell into the ditch and couldn't get out. Owner: this car has an embroidered pillow and a bag of grass

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soon zhongtai t700 picked car

This car is Zhongtai T700 Let's have a look at your appearance ? I feel good about myself , Unfortunately, recently a car owner likes to mention Zhongtai t700 I was speechless , Frankly, this car embroidered pillows, a bag of grass , Really not as good as Harvard ! What's going on ? Let's see the details , It was the angry words of the owner in a moment of anger , Or the truth ?

you 're right , This is the Zhongtai in front of us T700, Was driven into the ditch by the car owner , Then the owner couldn't drive the car , The owner of the car reluctantly said that this Zhongtai T700 Mingming was blown up by sales when buying a car , Why do you fall into the ditch after you buy it? You can't drive it anyway ? It's speechless , It seems that the power is not good .

Although many kind-hearted people came to help carry Zhongtai ashore , But the car owner is very uncomfortable , zhongtai T700 It looks like a range rover , But in fact, Zhongtai is still far from Land Rover , The range rover should easily land in such a ditch , But Zhongtai will be trapped and unable to extricate himself , I need your help to lift the car , Otherwise, you won't be able to get ashore , The owner has no face , Zhongtai, which cost more than 100000 yuan to buy, can't get ashore when it comes to this small ditch , Just like hanlanda's hero slope .

People say this Zhongtai T700 What is the driving force of ? If it's Harvard H6 Can you get out of the ditch ?

source : Bai Yunting

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