Tire strike Trailer too expensive? Don't worry, we'll change it ourselves

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tire strike trailer expensive don

When we drive our family on a trip , If the car breaks down, it is likely that the tire is broken . The most important thing is to see if there is a problem with the spare tire , Is the rubber broken 、 Whether the tire pressure is too low , And the car must be equipped with tools to repair tires .” Pay more attention to the tires when traveling , For example, when driving to a place with few people, stop the car at the roadside and come down to see if the tire is damaged or the tire pressure is insufficient . If the tire breaks in the deserted countryside or mountains, you must learn to change the tire yourself . Self driving travel , It's a good thing for everyone , We must learn how to face unexpected situations , In this way, the journey can be safer and happier . Today we'll tell you if you want to change the tire , What do I need to do .

First , We should park our car on a flat ground where there is no water or oil , We should not block the road and traffic, but also ensure our own life safety .

The second step is to pull the handbrake to prevent sliding .

The third step , Take out some necessary tools for repairing the car , Such as Jack, etc . It must be noted that some small parts must not be lost .

Step four , Loosen the tire bolts

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