The mobile "double bed" is as beautiful as the Volkswagen CC hunting version, and the national tile can car is only more than 70000

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mobile double bed beautiful volkswagen

The public CC There has always been “ The most beautiful Volkswagen ” Address of , Its appearance design is indeed the most characteristic and avant-garde of many Volkswagen models , It has a large grille and sliding back body that ordinary Volkswagen models do not have . meanwhile , In the public CC In train , There is also a unique hunting version to choose from , This model has more characteristics , The appearance of the whole vehicle shows the structure of earthen cans , And ordinary cars 、SUV As like as an apple is to an oyster , Highly recognizable , It is also a lot of pursuit of personality 、 One of the preferred models for practical consumers . But the public CC The price of the hunting edition is relatively high , The starting price exceeds 25 ten thousand , Young people want to start , It will be more difficult . In this case , We might as well come and see Baojun Valli, This car is similar to Volkswagen CC As beautiful as the hunting Edition , It's also a tile jar structure , But the price is only 7 More than 10000 people started .

baojun Valli It is a relatively young domestic recreational vehicle , Its guide price is 7.98 ten thousand -10.58 ten thousand , From a purely price point of view , This car will be closer to the people than other SUVs in the market , It is 8 ten thousand -10 The only SUV in the 10000 price range . In addition to the lower price , baojun Valli It also has high playability , There have been events around this car “24 Cheng recalled ” Modification activities , And therefore derived a lot of Baojun Valli Custom models and retrofit accessories , This is for young people who pursue personality and love to play , It's also very attractive .

baojun Valli Recently, Taoyuan powder has been launched 、 Bamboo sea green two new colors based on modified cars , These two colors will also be in Baojun RC-5 Appear on the body , It's equivalent to letting Baojun Valli、 baojun RC-5 Car owners can do it right after buying a car “ personal independence of conduct ”, Show your personality .

In appearance design , baojun Valli Our design is highly original , Its front face is equipped with a large grille , The internal China net has been blackened + There are two different treatments of dot matrix , The Silver Diamond logo can be seen in the middle of it . On both sides of the grille , You can see the split headlights , The upper part of the lamp belt is of flat design , The lower part of the lamp cavity is designed vertically , Inlaid with silver chrome trim . The slender earthen cans can be seen from the side of the car body , On the roof, the car also comes with its own luggage rack and trunk , So in the traffic , It's easy to tell which car is Baojun Valli.

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