What happened to Nissan Teana after the replacement? The sales volume is less than half that of accord

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happened nissan teana replacement sales

The domestic auto market finally began to pick up , It's definitely a good thing for car companies , The sales of many models have been improved to a certain extent , Like haver H6、 Volkswagen lavida 、 Nissan sylphy 、 Honda Accord, etc , Sales are very stable . But one car is an exception , It's Nissan Teana , Since the replacement, the sales volume is much lower than before .

This reminds me of Audi A6L With Toyota Corolla , After the replacement, it also went through a period of trough , Then it got better , But Teana used to be so long , Sales are still not improving , Why is that ? I have summarized these reasons , Let's see !

The first point appearance

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