It's best for novices not to choose these four configurations when buying a car. It's not only useless, but also a waste of money

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best novices choose configurations buying

As life becomes richer and richer , Some simple products can no longer meet people's needs , Buying a car is like buying a mobile phone , Are pursuing multi-functional and high configuration , In particular, some novices who buy cars are often attracted by various configurations , Wait a while to find out , There are many configurations that are almost useless . So today Xiaobian will tell you the most useless 4 Big configuration .

One Automatic start-stop

The function of automatic start stop has been make complaints about the vast number of car friends. , The fundamental reason is to save fuel and accelerate the service life of the battery , Ordinary batteries are seven or eight hundred , The automatic start and stop battery needs 2000 many , So the money to save fuel is not enough to buy a battery , If you run out of electricity on the way, you have to find a trailer , In addition, frequent use of this function will also accelerate the service life of the starter . What I don't understand is , If you want to save fuel, you can turn off the engine and start it again , Why rely on this function !

Two Headlight cleaning

The function of headlight cleaning is useless , First of all, the lights are dirty. You can wipe them with a wet towel . In addition, the temperature is relatively low in winter , Ice will form on the lampshade after cleaning , It's not good for driving at night . And now the roads in the city are almost free of dust , Even the countryside is paved , Why is the lampshade so dirty . If the lampshade is covered with dust , The more you wash, the dirtier it gets , Because the lampshade is wet, it is easier to be covered with dust .

3、 ... and Panoramic sunroof

First of all, the panoramic sunroof is broken , Water leaks all the time , Maintenance also costs a lot of money , The price is also more than 10000 without skylight , Subsequent maintenance costs are not a fraction . In addition, the panoramic sunroof has a large area of glass cover plate , Falling objects in the air can easily break through the glass , Passengers are vulnerable . Some people say the skylight can escape , Xiaobian thinks this is pure nonsense , So many car glasses are not enough to escape ! If you fall into the river, it's hard to escape with a skylight , It's better to open the door directly .

Four Cruise positioning

Cruise positioning has both advantages and disadvantages , The advantage is that you can relax your feet , Make your feet less tired , It is usually used for long-distance driving , There are many people and cars waiting in the urban area , Complex traffic , Cruise positioning is useless . Then the disadvantage is that it is easy to cause the car to break down , The shift accelerator is useless , You can't put out the fire if you want to , If it's on the highway 120 code , If you don't, you'll be killed , Many Mercedes Benz owners were caught because of this function failure , It's better not to use the functions related to personal safety . Take pictures as evidence

Xiaobian thinks the car is a means of transportation , We bought a car for convenience , If you can save fuel and worry, you are not afraid of no market , Take Japanese cars for example , There are not so many boring configurations , There is little chance of bad , It has been open for more than ten years , I think many car companies should spend more energy on the gearbox and engine , Don't be like the one on the Internet 66 Wan's Mercedes Benz , There was an oil leak without waiting to drive .

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