Make a car like dumplings! The domestic King struck while the iron was hot out of this SUV. It doesn't seem as good as a car?

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make car dumplings domestic king

The red flag car has been on fire recently !

The Beijing International Auto Show was a hit , Pull the wind advertisement to CCTV , Then to the male god Jin Dong . Hongqi automobile has made a posture of fighting back .

The red flag H5

As “ The eldest son of the Republic ”, The red flag car can be said to have poured into the hearts of many people , Now , The red flag finally returned to the people first line .

After all, today's car market is hot , It's a huge cake !

The red flag H5

The red flag H5 As the beginning of the war of return “ First gun ”, Basically, it has been a success , Many netizens have said they want one !

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