Domestic cars with the highest "Mercedes Benz rate", riders: mineral water bottles in Maotai, Mercedes Benz Muji

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domestic cars highest mercedes benz

domestic “ Mercedes Benz ” The tallest car , The ride experience and configuration functions are almost the same , The three big pieces are from the original Mercedes Benz factory , The biggest difference may be that there is no Mercedes - Mercedes Benz logo , It's Beijing BJ90, Price range: 99.8-128.8 Ten thousand yuan .

In fact, this is a Mercedes Benz with Beijing logo GLS, Many riders who know the car directly call it : Mineral water bottles in Maotai , No standard Mercedes Benz version of Muji !

Although Beijing BJ90 This car is Mercedes Benz GL Grade change of Standard Version , In the appearance design, it retains the family style five hole grille design , Maintain a certain degree of recognition .

Beijing BJ90 The length, width and height of the car body are :5171/1995/1902mm, The wheelbase is 3100mm. And Mercedes GLS Body length, width and height :5218×1956×1823mm, The wheelbase is 3135mm. The size difference between the two is not much , Beijing BJ90 The height of is slightly higher than that of Mercedes Benz GLS.

Beijing BJ90 Interior upholstery : Traditional pointer instrument panel plus three spoke multifunction steering wheel , The center console still retains a large number of physical knobs , Embedded multimedia touch screen is used in the central control center , It's not as luxurious as Mercedes Benz GLS, But after all, it's millions of luxury cars , The materials used for the interior upholstery are pretty good .

3100mm The wheelbase , The seating space in the back row is not bad .

In terms of motivation , Beijing BJ90 The entry is equipped with Mercedes Benz M276 Of 3.0T V6 Twin turbocharged engines , Maximum horsepower :333 horsepower , Peak torque :480 Cattle meters ; The high configuration is equipped with M278 Of 4.0T V8 Twin turbocharged engines , Maximum horsepower :421 horsepower , Peak torque :600 Cattle meters , Both match Mercedes Benz 9AT.

Beijing BJ90 It's true to say that it's a mineral water bottle in Maotai , After all, the three big pieces are Mercedes Benz , In addition to the appearance design and shell , It's just an unscrupulous print of standard free Mercedes Benz ,

that , Beijing BJ90 What else can I buy at this price GLS ah , Just for a Mercedes Benz ?

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