In order to save the trailer fee, the owner was fined for driving after a high-speed tire burst. Road Administration: at least 150000

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order trailer fee owner fined

In our daily driving , It's so common to get on the highway . Because it's faster on the highway , More prone to problems , therefore , Many cars check carefully when driving on the highway , To make sure it's safe . One side , Nothing small happened on the highway , This is responsible for your own life safety , On the other hand, it's hard to deal with problems , It takes time and trouble .

If the vehicle is damaged due to the accident and cannot be used at all , That's even more expensive . First , Vehicle maintenance costs , You can take the insurance , But the cost of the trailer has to be paid out of your own pocket , And the cost is quite expensive . Generally, trailers are companies designated by the traffic control department , There are also clear provisions on the price of trailers , According to one 、 Two 、 3、 ... and 、 Four 、 Five categories of vehicles , Drag line 10 The price within kilometers is about 200 To 600 element .10 Kilometers away , Additional cost per kilometer is required .

Besides , If a large truck is loaded with goods , Then the price is more expensive , There have been news reports 41 Km charge 5000 The sky high Trailer fee . Maybe the driver's half a month's salary will be dedicated to the trailer this time . therefore , Many big trucks as long as they can drive , Drivers are willing to take risks , Drive the car back by yourself .

However, few people think that such behavior has many potential safety hazards , How much threat will it pose to traffic safety , And such behavior is illegal , There may also be greater losses . There's a big truck driver , After the car has burst two tires , Still determined to drive on the highway , After all, it can save a lot of money . But this scene was caught by the traffic police patrolling on the highway .

The car owner also confessed his reasons for driving like this , Because my salary is low , Family life is stressful and so on . However , Since the traffic police found out , Trailer fees are inevitable . But what made him even more desperate was , The driver scratched the highway , Check according to relevant departments , He at least caused road property losses as high as 15 ten thousand .

It's a waste of money , The owner just wanted to save some Trailer Money , Now it's a lot of money thrown out .

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