When you go to refuel, which is better and more cost-effective, filling it up or half at a time? Most of them are mistaken

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Every car may not need maintenance in the first few years , It may not need maintenance in a short time or forget to maintain , But refueling is always something that the car must experience every other period of time , After all, cars can't run without oil , If the car doesn't run , Then the car will lose its meaning of existence . So here comes the question , When the car owner refuels , Is it a one-time top up ? Or just add half ? Which is more cost-effective , Let's learn about . When you go to refuel , Fill up and half at a time , Which is better and more cost-effective ? Most of them are wrong .

When many car owners refuel their cars , As long as the money is enough, they will say , Come on, waiter , Fill it up , And some drivers who forget to bring money will say add a hundred and ten dollars first . But in fact, whether it's full or half full , It's harmful to cars , If you only add half the oil , When the car is driving on a rough road , The oil pump will be easily evacuated , This will increase the burden on the engine , Then the car will wear out .

And if you fill it up every time, it will increase the weight of the body , Fuel consumption will be relatively faster , and , The whole car will smell of gasoline , Affect the fresh air in the car , Let the driver and passengers have a bad driving experience and riding experience . So whether the car is filled with half or full oil is not the best choice , So how much oil is the most cost-effective ?

If cars often drive in the city , Just add oil to 70% or 80% , If you need to drive long distances without stopping , Then add it to 90% , In short, as long as it's not 50% or 100% . Because if the car is only filled with 50% gasoline , It will cause too much gasoline below the fuel pump , This will affect its heat dissipation function , If you drive on a rough road , The gasoline will wobble , This will idle the fuel pump , It will also affect the power of the car .

If you add gasoline to 100% , Will add weight to the car , It also consumes more fuel , thus , Some car owners who want to save fuel are distressed , Plus the car is full of gasoline , Don't say if the passengers would like to sit , Would you like to drive it as a driver ? Therefore, under normal circumstances, car refueling can be increased to 70% or 80% , This will not affect the power of the car , It will not make the car smell of gasoline everywhere and increase the weight of the car .

Yes, of course , It's not that you can't fill it up or half it up at all , It's just that it's not cost-effective to refuel so much , Just fill up the oil , Not only can it not achieve the goal of fuel saving , It will cost more oil .

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