No sex, no BMW! BMW I4 lets you know what pure electric super running is

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We all know that the future is the world of new energy vehicles , The public 、 Honda 、 Toyota and other auto companies have begun to transition to electrification , The same is true for luxury brands and super running brands .

Recently, we learned from overseas media that BMW i4 Information about . The new car will be produced at the factory in Munich, Germany , The new car will be officially released at the end of the year , Since then, there has been another fierce player in the new energy vehicles !

BMW i4 The appearance of continues the ordinary 4 Modeling design of system , The classic double kidney air intake grille adopts a closed design , The surrounding area is decorated with blue decorative strips , To show your extraordinary identity . The rim adopts the latest modeling design , With blue elements for embellishment , Sporty . Addition of rear spoiler and diffuser , It adds a bit of movement to the car , The visual impact is quite strong .

In terms of power, it is divided into three types according to different configurations , The maximum power is respectively 466 horsepower 、334 horsepower 、284 horsepower , This power has completely reached the level of a sports car , The performance is still very strong . That's all I know about new cars , We will follow up the report .

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