Rolls Royce occupied two parking spaces to provoke public anger. Seeing the paper in front of the car, the owner also counseled: boss, you are free

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rolls royce occupied parking spaces

With the increasing number of cars in our country , China's car ownership is also increasing , And the resulting problems have gradually become prominent , Like road congestion . Air pollution and so on , People used to drive for convenience , But I didn't expect more problems , It bothers a lot of people . In many big cities , Parking spaces are comparable to “ Luxury car ” commonly , One is hard to find at rush hour , In many communities, the price of parking spaces is even higher than that of a private car , In previous years, when house prices were high, there were even “ Fried parking space ”, You can imagine how tight resources are , But in this case , There is a Rolls Royce that occupies two parking spaces when parking .

This happened in an underground parking lot in Beijing , In ordinary big cities , The parking space is already very nervous , Not to mention in Beijing , Many car owners look for all kinds of in the parking lot , But I can't find one for my car “ Shelter ”, Looking at this Rolls Royce, I was even more angry , Even if you are a luxury car, you can't do this ? So many people get off to look for the owner's phone , I hope the owner will come and move the car , But a note in front of the car attracted a lot of people's attention .

I saw a reflective cone in front of the Rolls Royce , There's a note hanging on it , It reads : Two dedicated parking spaces , No Stopping . It turns out that the owner bought all the two parking spaces , To park your car , as everyone knows , As a luxury car , Rolls Royce's body is relatively large , It seems that the owner is worried that his car will be affected “ Grievances ”, He bought all the two parking spaces , You know, in Beijing , The price of a parking space is no less than that of a medium and low-end car , See here , Other car owners can only be obedient : Boss, stop at will .

Although the owner's approach is no problem , But there are still many people who maliciously occupy parking spaces in life , Meeting this kind of person requires some skills , First of all, I must call the car owner to move the car , If there's no phone , You can also dial 122 Traffic control hotline , The hotline staff will help you inform the car owner , Or you can look at the traffic compulsory insurance sign on the windshield , As long as the owner has purchased insurance, there will be a telephone number of the insurance company on it , You can contact the owner through the insurance company , Of course , If the above methods contact unreasonable drivers , Then call the police decisively .

Parking space as an important public resource , If used properly, it will become very efficient , Xiaobian again calls on everyone , When it's convenient for you, you should also think of others , Of course , If you are the Rolls Royce owner mentioned above , Sure “ Howe ” To buy two parking spaces for your car , That Xiaobian can only say : Boss, feel free to .

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