Chery medium-sized SUV, with a length of 4 meters, 84 equipped with 1.5T, and a vehicle warranty of 10 years or 200000 km

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chery medium-sized medium sized suv

Speaking of Chery, an independent brand , I believe all the fans know something about it . After all, Chery brand in recent years , Great improvement has been made in car making technology , Its reputation has also improved to a certain extent , Thus, it has gained a good market position . Now its medium-sized suv Rapid way X90 The performance is even better , conductor 4 rice 84 with 1.5t, The whole vehicle is guaranteed for ten years or more 20 Thousands of kilometers , It's really kind . What's more? , The car is first-class in quality control , It has become a major competitive advantage in the market . secondly , It is also excellent in appearance design , Deeply praised and loved by consumers .

Although at present, the domestic automobile market is a joint venture SUV Occupy a certain share , But this medium-sized SUV Rapid way X90 Your performance is not inferior , It has a good market position , Proved his excellence with excellent sales . The main reason is that the car has a great core charm , For example, the appearance of the atmosphere and excellent fuel economy , It gives it full market charm . Last , Plus its brand strength , Let it have a higher position and attention in the domestic market . Let's take a detailed look at this car !

Rapid way X90 The design of the front face is definitely one of my highlights , It adopts a sharp and fierce air inlet grille design , With chrome plated medium mesh decoration , The front face is very high-grade , It's much more beautiful than the model at the same level . Besides , The car is also equipped with a very beautiful headlight set , When lit , The lighting effect is excellent , At the same time, it also ensures the driving safety at night .

As for the profile , Rapid way X90 Also done very well , It adopts two connected waistlines , Gives it a good posture , It's more beautiful than its peers . Of course , It is also a bright spot in space , Its length, width and height are respectively 4840×1925×1718mm, Wheelbase reached 2850mm, For everyday vehicles , It's more than enough . All in all , The side design of the car is particularly beautiful , It has become a highlight of itself .

Rapid way X90 In terms of interior design , The color scheme is mainly black , Make it look more stable and atmospheric , It conforms to the aesthetics of most consumers . Besides , It also uses a large area of soft materials to wrap , Makes the interior feel very good . Last , In order to improve the quality of the interior , Piano baking decoration and 9 Inch built-in LCD touch screen . All in all , The interior part is also a great charm of itself .

besides , Rapid way X90 The tail design is also one of its highlights , A long and narrow tail lamp group is adopted , It makes its recognition very high . secondly , It also adopts a bilateral double outlet exhaust layout , Let its movement breath be very strong . As for the powertrain , Rapid way X90 It also didn't disappoint the Chinese people , They're carrying 1.5T and 1.6T Two turbocharged engines , The maximum power is respectively 108/115/156KW, And what matches that is 6 Quick manual 、8AT perhaps 6、7 Fast double clutch gearbox . What's more, it's worth mentioning , The comprehensive fuel consumption of the car is only 7L, Make it more suitable for daily transportation .

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