After driving Buick Willan and Toyota leiling, the owner told the truth

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driving buick willan toyota leiling

At present, the situation of automobile consumption market is very severe , Many amazing cars were born , The birth of cars like Becquerel and Toyota leiling . In order to be closer to reality , Specially called Xiao Jiang to talk about his feelings , He drove becquerville , Re flower 14 Vanty Toyota leiling , The owner told the truth . How about the comprehensive cost performance of Buick Willan and Toyota leiling ? I think everyone wants to know , Now let's look at Xiao Jiang's understanding .

Let's take a look at the appearance of Buick Veron , The appearance didn't say , beautiful . The front face of the family flying wing is full of domineering , Beautiful side lines , Strong sense of tail movement .LED The headlights , It's really bright at night . Nice tail light , It's beautiful at night , Plus double exhaust cylinders .

Look at Toyota leiling , Leiling's appearance has always been partial to personality , motion , Unlike the popular golden mean, it can be affirmed by most people . The appearance is really good , The new generation of leiling design is very fashionable , And a strong sense of movement . Plus bright headlights , Driving in the street, I'm the most beautiful boy in the street . The sports wheel hub is the most elegant , The most characteristic .

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