It's more popular than BMW 3 series, and it's much more fuel-efficient than Camry

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popular bmw series fuel-efficient fuel

SUV Although the trafficability of is very strong , However, most families are not satisfied with the fuel consumption , Compared with their own sense of superiority , The purse is still the most important , Most people buy cars again . Inside the car , Only B Class car can achieve SUV Height , camry , magotan , Passat sells very well , Except for them , Mai Ruibao introduced to you today XL Adjusted the price to 11.49 ten thousand , The reason for price adjustment is to make yourself more valuable and compete with Germany and Japan . from 15.19 Ten thousand down 11.49 ten thousand , Than BMW 3 System also pull wind , It's much more fuel-efficient than Camry .

Michael sharp treasure XL 's interior , There are still some shortcomings , For example, its style is slightly old , Leather materials are few in the same level , Wood grain veneer is also out of tune with the sports style of the whole vehicle . But considering the shortage of this car 17 Million terminal price , These performances are actually quite worthy of this price .

Although the interior part is not too colorful , But it's just flowers 15 A medium-sized American car with such a high appearance value can be obtained at the price of 10000 , To put it bluntly, it's not you . Other nuances are embellished ( Leather Wrap + Red stitches ) The decoration also effectively improves the texture .Redline Although the model has only one color scheme of all black interior , But the focus is on highlighting the motion positioning of the model , So the whole is still a little thoughtful .

As for motivation , Although Mai Ruibao XL Of 1.3T The engine is " Embarrassment ", But it can still erupt 165 The maximum output of horsepower , Maximum torque up to 240 Cattle meters , Compared with models like Honda Civic , In fact, it is almost the same , What is slightly inferior may be that the natural physical characteristics of the three cylinder engine make people hesitate to buy it , As for the transmission matching, it is also one CVT transmission , The whole is in good order and there are no highlights .

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