"Xie Dajiao" died in a car accident in Yuexian. In the past 15 years, six actors in "rural love" have died

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xie dajiao died car accident

8 month 9 Japan , Whether it's microblog or short video platform , All be “ Yu Yuexian died ” Message refresh .

《 Rural love 》 from 06 Since the beginning of the year , Has accompanied the audience through 15 A year .

Xie Dajiao played by Yu Yuexian , It can be said to be the soul of ivory mountain village , Whose family has three advantages and two disadvantages 、 trifles , They all like to find her to judge .

There are boys in the village who can't say who they are , If the girl can't get married, they all come to Xie Dajiao for help .

15 Over the years ,“ Thank you ” This character has been accompanying the audience . Every year 《 Rural love 》 At the time of extermination , Yu Yuexian will take group photos at the scene , To thank the audience for their support and love for so many years .

According to media reports , Yu Yuexian's husband Zhang Xuesong has rushed to the place where the past happened , And entrust the media to publish obituaries .

Liu Shuangping, art director of Benshan media, disclosed to the media , Zhao Benshan and his wife Ma Lijuan were very sad after hearing the bad news , Someone has been sent to the site to deal with .

Yu Yingjie, Yu Yuexian's younger brother, said , The news of my sister's death is still hidden 80 At the age of the mother , Because of the sudden fear of the incident, the old man couldn't accept it for the moment .

A few hours ago ,《 Rural love 》 Guan Wei changed the avatar to gray , At the same time, send a document to mourn “ Thank you ”:“ Immortal ” Man is dead , Such as “ month ” Chan Juan .

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