I insist on taking a Volkswagen maiteng when changing cars. Owner: it's classy to drive it

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insist taking volkswagen maiteng changing

The survival of the fittest , The automobile market also follows this Law and continues to progress , There are endless good cars on the market .“ Balance sports and home ” Toyota Camry , In the horizontal comparison, the strength is extraordinary .“ The sales king of luxury cars ” BMW 5 system , Its position has been unshakable . In today's diversified automobile market , Only by actively adapting to the needs of consumers can we succeed . Just like Volkswagen maiteng . I chatted with Mr. Wang the other day , The budget 20 ten thousand , Change trains and insist on taking a Volkswagen maiteng , The owner : It's classy . Let's listen to what he said !

The appearance is the most desirable. I'm satisfied with everything . I've always liked the overall shape of the public , Looks steady . My friends thought I had a xenon lamp , Actually, the original car . Buy only when you are satisfied , Better than Passat , I prefer maiteng's tail lamp . Are they all similar Volkswagen cars? The interior that has not changed for thousands of years . Wall mounted air conditioner is a big selling point of maiteng , The disadvantage is that it's not easy to clean up . The walnut interior is beautiful , Very good material , The workmanship is quite fine , The stereo is also good . The interior is simple and elegant , Mahogany decoration .

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