Used cars are more expensive than new cars. Cars have turned into "financial products". I'm also drunk

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used cars expensive new cars.

For cars , In fact, it's just a consumable , As the saying goes , It is easier to buy a car than to keep it , All kinds of expenses in the later stage definitely give you a headache , But there's a car that doesn't burden you , You can make a small profit when selling cars , Do you believe in such a good thing ? I know used cars , We also know a little about the hedging rate , Including Honda Accord 、 Honda fit 、 Toyota Prado is a high value maintenance model .

However, one car's value preservation rate is still above them , That's Lexus LX570, It is also the flagship of Lexus SUV, Because this car needs to go parallel import , Plus port merchants raised their prices , lexus LX570 The price of a used car is almost the same as that of a new one , Sometimes it's even more expensive than a new car , The car turned into “ Wealth management products ”, Are you kidding me? !

There are many hardline off-road models , One of the more famous ones is jeep These horsemen 、 Toyota Prado 、 Mercedes G Grade, etc. , Actually, Lexus LX570 It is also a rare hardline off-road , But most of them have been robbed of the limelight by its luxury . lexus LX570 The official offer is 129.10-141.70 Ten thousand yuan , The price is very expensive to tell the truth , So it is doomed that this car can only become a toy for a few people .

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