Is the Subaru XV worth starting with? After driving for 30 days, the owner talked frankly about his driving experience

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subaru xv worth starting driving

The parking lot is like a battlefield , The competition is very fierce , At present, there are endless good cars on the market .“ The most beautiful car run ” The public CC, The momentum is quite strong , It's impossible to stop .“ Domestic luxury cars ” The red flag H7, Quite popular 90 Favored by young people after . Today, when high-quality models are everywhere , Cars need to be well positioned to meet consumer needs in order to achieve big sales , Just like Subaru XV. Speaking of Subaru XV, Mr. Wang, the car owner, has a voice ,21 Ten thousand Subaru XV Is it worth starting with ? opened 30 God , The owner talked frankly about his driving experience . Now let's ask the car owner to talk about his personal experience !

I like the appearance of this car before I decided to buy it . The front face is cool , The buttocks are strong and beautiful . Satisfied , It would be better if the headlights were slightly changed :. The appearance is young and fashionable , Great love plum blossom wheel . commonly , Subaru is not a player who sells interiors , It can only be said that , Like 100000 yuan car interior . It is worth mentioning that the small screen of function display , It fully explains the performance of the whole car , Pretty good . Good workmanship , Satisfied with materials . The peculiar smell is very small, and sometimes there is a strange noise when crossing the ridge , But this price can't ask too much ..

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