Hyundai xcient fuel cell truck has been successfully delivered and will become brilliant within ten years

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hyundai xcient fuel cell truck

Who will you think of when you talk about the brand of Hyundai Automobile ? Sonata with coupe style is still cost-effective SUV modern ix35? But not today , Let's talk about something that surprises you . Recently modern Xcient The truck was officially delivered to the European market , And successfully delivered... In Switzerland 7 Models . Some people will wonder ,Xcient What truck is it ? Hyundai also produces trucks ? With questions, let's take a look at Modern Xcient The performance of the !

A lot of people don't know , In fact, modern Xcient Is by far the heaviest hydrogen fuel cell truck , some time 5 During the year , modern Xcient Will enter the American and Chinese markets , Expected sale 1600 platform .

The total length of this car has reached 9475mm, It's like an ordinary truck , The only difference is that the car uses a hydrogen fuel cell system , Maximum power is reached 258 horsepower , The power is still very strong . In order to increase the range of this car , modern Xcient A total of 7 A hydrogen storage tank , Endurance under maximum load 400 km , It is estimated that filling hydrogen will take 20 Within minutes , Convenient, fast and efficient . Someone will ask , Where can the models purchased in Switzerland be filled with hydrogen ? Maybe you don't know , Switzerland has built more than 100 hydrogenation stations in China , In order to be efficient and environmentally friendly , At this point, Switzerland is one step ahead of us .

Hyundai has also made adjustments to the North American market and the Chinese market , Launched 6×4 Tractor and heavy truck , Due in 2030 The total annual sales volume reached 27000 Ten thousand units .

Someone will say , Why only ten years 2.7 Ten thousand units ? This is mainly because modern cars can only produce 2000 platform , This is not the low production of modern cars , You know, Hyundai is the third largest carmaker in the world , The strength is still very strong , The main reason is that hydrogenation stations are not popularized in many areas , So sales are limited .

modern Xcient The arrival of the , Let's see the development direction of cars in the future , Trucks are powered by new energy , I think the future era of fuel vehicles is coming to an end , Modern automobile can be said to have made another cross era design , I hope that in the future, our independent car enterprises can also see this side !

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