Among the five abandoned car brands, the fifth one can be seen everywhere in the countryside, but it was finally destroyed

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abandoned car brands fifth seen

There are a lot of car brands nowadays , But some cars have been gradually abandoned by people now , There are problems in many aspects , So many people don't recognize it , The following five car brands are , No one wants to buy , But the fifth paragraph can be seen everywhere in the countryside .

The first Renault car , It is estimated that many people think of this car. It is estimated that many people don't know it , In the early days, this car may still be excellent after all, but now the technology is relatively backward , No one likes such a car anymore , Basically, it has been eliminated by the market !

The second car is Subaru , In fact, the controllability of this car is relatively strong , After all, this car is a professional manufacturer of racing cars , The driving experience is extremely good , However, due to the backward appearance , Now it is not recognized , Not many people buy it .

The third car, Skoda , The car is supposed to belong to Volkswagen's brand , But the difference between the two is a little big , Volkswagen basically takes the civilian line, and its sales are relatively good , But the price of Kodak is a little more expensive . Many people don't want to buy !

The fourth car is Acura from Honda , In fact, such a car owned by Honda is still superior to Civic , But no one bought it at all , After all, the price is expensive, not cost-effective , This kind of car is also not recognized by many people , Low cost performance , It's a headache !

The fifth car is the Chevrolet , In fact, many people know this car , As an American luxury car brand, it can be seen everywhere in rural areas , But in the United States , Basically, no one buys such a car in China , The gearbox is very rubbish , Many people know very well !

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