The first arcfox Rubik's cube store opened in Kunming

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arcfox rubik cube store opened

electric 、 Intelligent development is a necessary selling point in the new energy era and the new forces of car making , And similar to in CBD The layout of flash shops and Rubik's cube stores nearby also marks the opening of a new round of automobile retail mode , As an emerging intelligent representative brand, Jihu is rapidly building online stores all over the country , Tightening the pulse of the new energy era, we have seen the rapid development of Jihu automobile in sales layout and brand publicity .

With Kunming longfu's first ARCFOX The opening of the extreme fox cube store , It also marks the further improvement of the channel layout and after-sales service of Jihu brand in the national core cities , It will bring new product experience and services to users in an all-round way , It is expected that by the end of this year, Jihu automobile will expand its sales channels to the whole country 40 Cities , Practice 100 Home outlets respond to and meet the multi scenario needs of users .

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