Actual shooting of Dongfeng Citroen Versailles C5 x Versailles

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actual shooting dongfeng citroen versailles

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Every time we talk about cars , There will always be a topic that can't be bypassed , That's design . When designing a car , Can treat like a work of art , A high-end fashion or a beautiful sculpture , Integrate Abstract aesthetics with industrial art . Now , I'm afraid only romantic French people can do it . When we talk about the interior and exterior styling of new cars , Will take the degree of originality as the yardstick to measure the design level of an automobile enterprise . In terms of originality , Citroen definitely has the strength of Versailles . Speaking of Versailles , today , Versailles “ This competition ” coming ! It is —— Dongfeng Citroen Versailles C5 X( Parameter picture ).

The actual shooting model is :2022 Dongfeng Citroen Versailles C5 X 1.6T Top matching model . Although the new car is not yet on the market , But blind subscription has been opened , Users can pay 99 Yuan or 2999 Make a blind order with a deposit of RMB . On-line 99 Yuan Ding , You can get Versailles C5 X Mug souvenir . On-line 2999 Users who place an order of yuan can enjoy the privilege of giving priority to picking up the car according to the order of order , You can get it in the applet every day from the date of subscription 100 integral , Used to exchange rights or gifts . Get down to business , Let's take a look at this Dongfeng Citroen Versailles C5 X Exterior design .

In terms of appearance design , As the latest flagship model of Citroen , Versailles C5 X Combine the car design loved by Chinese people with the practicability of station wagon , At the same time, compared with ordinary station wagon , Have a higher chassis ground clearance , In order to give consideration to ordinary cities SUV Pass through .

Versailles C5 X The front face of , The most impressive thing is what officials call “ Shuttle streamer ” The design of China open . As a whole CXperience Concept car for design inspiration , Citroen LOGO Through chrome plated trim strip and “X” Type LED Daytime running lights are connected , The front face is outlined with light and shadow lines similar to the surge of light waves , It brings a strong science fiction style and future elements to the front face .

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