The appearance and power of hanlanda is more beautiful than bora. It is equipped with all aluminum 1.5L

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appearance power hanlanda beautiful bora.

An epidemic , Changed our way of life , More and more people realize the importance of having a private car , Going out can not only protect you from the wind and rain , In the face of special circumstances , Travel can also bring security to family . Fortunately , At present, the epidemic situation in China has been effectively controlled , People's lives have gradually returned to normal , Although the automobile market has not ushered in “ Retaliatory consumption ”, But obviously , The number of people watching cars has gradually increased , The person who was hesitant to buy a car finally made up his mind , Be sure to buy a cost-effective private car to improve the quality of life . Look at the current auto market ,20 There are many models within 10000 , Which one is more suitable for home use ? Today's “ Master ” Namely 2020 Skoda Xinrui , Just launched this year , Backed by the public, the quality is first-class , More beautiful than Bora , The configuration is also very rich , The selling price range is only 7.84-10.24 ten thousand .

appearance ,2020 This model is relatively 2019 There are some improvements for this model , The multi spoke waterfall air inlet grille adopts the undulating design in the middle , Looks a little stubborn , And it's also novel , At the same time, it is integrated with the sharp design lamp , It looks very coherent . Split design with the steering lamp below , It's very layered .

Interior trim , Compared with the old one “ Black press ” Of plastic , The new car is mounted in texture —— Instrument panel 、 Add color at the inner door panel / Chrome plated decorative line , Central control area “ brush ” Piano paint . other aspects , For example, modify the shape of the air outlet 、 Three dimensional decorative panel details 、 The colors of seats and armrests show a sense of vitality to a certain extent . From the internal and external atmosphere , The effect of medium-term reform is obvious (PS: Colored decorative lines and bifurcated handrails 、 Seats or are optional ). In addition, high configuration models except leather seats 、 Leather steering wheel 、 Cruise control 、 Skylight and other basic configurations

motivation , Both cars are equipped with 1.5L(EA211) Four cylinder self-priming engine , The maximum power and torque are 82kW(112Ps) and 145Nm, The parameters are slightly higher than the old models ( The six ). The matching transmission is still 5MT and 6AT.

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