The red flag broke out! The appearance of high-value super run is more attractive than Porsche and fascinated by V8 engine

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red flag broke appearance high-value

Although with the improvement of people's living standards , The car has become a necessary means of transportation for every family , But whether it's a fan with a car or a consumer without a car , I believe that the more top-level models are favored , Especially when young people mention Porsche 911 Will definitely yearn for , But as a top super run , Models of this level can only become exclusive to local tyrants , Ordinary consumers can only start in their dreams , But fortunately, after the rise of domestic cars , Gradually appeared a lot of super running with high appearance value , For example, our protagonist today , This super pull red flag under the red flag S9, Once unveiled, it has instantly captured the hearts of the majority of car fans , It seems that the red flag broke out ! High appearance super run debut , Better than Porsche ,V8 The engine is fascinated !

So the red flag S9 How does this car perform in all aspects ? Let's have a look , First of all, in terms of appearance modeling , The car can hardly find any problems in the making of appearance value , As a high standard super run , It shows a charming breath all the time , Walking on the road, only listening to the sound waves can fascinate you , The front face of the car still adopts the red flag family design language , But with the very personalized headlights on both sides , Make the recognition straight up , More movement elements are added to the side and tail , In this way, coupled with the large hub of the footwall , Walking on the road is full of dynamic breath , Personally, I think this car is more attractive than Porsche .

Into the interior , The red flag S9 In terms of interior decoration , It is also a perfect and beautiful appearance that echoes each other , It is no exaggeration to say that the interior style is the best in the same level , In addition to excellent materials , Still exuding a sense of future science and technology all the time , This can be seen from the LCD instrument panel and electronic control , Everything shows a very strong sense of science and Technology .

As for motivation , The red flag S9 As a super sports car , Or will carry V8 engine , from V8 The engine + motor + Mixed composition of battery pack , In this way, the maximum output power that can burst is 1400ps, Breaking hundred only needs 1.9 Seconds to complete , Awesome power parameters .

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