Grandma doesn't hurt, uncle doesn't love, GAC Toyota ia5 market embarrassment is over

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grandma doesn hurt uncle doesn

Just entered August , GAC Toyota, which has always been unknown IA5 Sudden '' Lock switch '' event , Such a product does not stand out , Not because of sales '' Big factory '' The pure traction , But because '' complaints '' Pushed to the cusp .

Two flowers , Each table a .

'' unknown to the public '' GAC Toyota IA5

2019 year 9 month , Chengdu auto show , Gac Toyota IA5 Officially listed .

At the time , It seems that GAC Toyota is quite '' Be magnanimous '', Frankly admit , Gac Toyota IA5 With GAC ea S'' Technology homology ''. namely , Both originated from GAC's second generation GEP Pure electric platform , even to the extent that IA5 The development phase of is also completed in GAC Research Institute .

Please note that , That's right '' Technology homology '', That's it . GAC Toyota is right IA5 With Ian S yes '' Sister model '' I firmly deny my statement .

Now that you've reached this point , GAC Toyota has to come up with a statement .

therefore ,IA5 At the beginning of listing , GAC Toyota used a lot of '' The space '' To emphasize the of the new car '' Joint venture quality ''. Such as production process 、 Quality standards 、 Distribution channel 、 Service items, etc , It is different from GAC ea S. GAC Toyota is right IA5 not pass on to others what one is called upon to do , Put forward higher requirements .

It is because of '' Joint venture quality '' Blessing ,IA5 Biean S The price threshold is high 3 Ten thousand yuan , Even horsepower 、 The two models with similar configurations are compared ,IA5 Biean S Also high 1 More than RMB .

That's it ,IA5 Grandly entered the sales channel of GAC Toyota .

It is worth mentioning that , At GAC Toyota 4S In the showroom of the store ,IA5 It's the only one hanging GAC ''G'' The target GAC Toyota . Yes , Even though IA5 Be crowned with '' Joint venture quality '', But a ''G'' mark , Mixed in a crowd '' Ox head '' Mark middle , It still looks very eye-catching .

In a moment ,IA5 It has been on the market for nearly two years , With '' Joint venture quality '' To build the IA5 It has not been listed at the beginning of the scenery . in fact , except 2019 year 12、2020 year 1 month , With a wave of car market at the end of the year '' when the river rises , the boat floats high '', IA5 Our monthly sales have just broken thousands . before 、 thereafter ,IA5 Our monthly sales are all mixed in '' Three figures '' Section .

2021 year 6 month , After three consecutive falls ,IA5 Our monthly sales are only 179 car , Properly enter the rhythm of upcoming delisting .

Now it seems , Toyota is really far sighted , Yes IA5 Today's dilemma , Maybe we have a backhand .

The original , Toyota insists IA5 Don't hang Toyota LOGO The approach is '' correct '' Of .

If IA5 Good sales , Toyota enjoys 50% The profits of the , Why not ; If IA5 Bad sales , Toyota can completely get rid of : That's a GAC car , What does it have to do with me ? Don't believe it , Look at the logo , Is it a Toyota car ?

Of course ,2020 GAC Toyota C-HR EV list , GAC Toyota's positioning for the new car is '' Toyota's first domestic pure tram ''.

IA5 Has long been forgotten , No title .C-HR EV Is the owner of GAC Toyota pure electric products .

stay IA5 Of '' The story '' in , Toyota seems to be playing the role of both sides , A character who doesn't suffer at all . that , GAC ?

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