The momentum is booming. ICAR ecology developed 500 stores in the first month

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momentum booming. booming icar ecology

[ Car home information ]  In recent days, , Chery's iCar Ecological announcement :“ partner ・ Create together ” The investment promotion plan has been implemented for only one month , Already exceeded 500 Agent stores through online 、 The offline channel completes the contract signing , The coverage area includes the whole country 18 A province of 108 A prefecture level .

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For agents , Compared with the traditional automobile marketing model ,iCar ecology “ Agency system ” Mode with “ Traffic ” As a major consideration , Take the store as the agency unit , To the municipal level 、 District level and even county-level markets shall be planned at the same level 、 Peer management , promote iCar Ecological channel operation efficiency . Agent stores will also get iCar Cooperative traffic operation services provided by ecology 、 Online learning services 、 A series of help such as digitization and visualization of the whole process of logistics orders . In order to further stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of agency partners ,iCar There is also no objective assessment under the ecological system 、 High commission straight back 、 Distribute delivery Commission 、 Increase agent growth rewards 、 Offline communication and sharing mechanisms . according to the understanding of , Agent partners who have signed up , Will be in 8 Store construction will be fully launched in the middle and late part of the month .

For users , Users everywhere can use App Or a small program to complete the car purchase process online , Subsequently, the store will provide door-to-door delivery 、 Service home , And provide users with product experience 、 Recreation & Entertainment 、 Boutique modification 、 Fan activities 、 Full cycle services including ecological experience , Build users and brands “ Direct connection ” Channels of communication .“ No secondary stores ” Mechanism and unified store construction quality standard , It can ensure that no matter where the user is iCar Ecological agent stores , Can enjoy the same service . Besides ,iCar Ecology will also ensure that stores “ National unified price ”, Eliminate the possibility of damage to users' interests due to price fluctuations .

 Chery car QQ ice cream 2021 paragraph Basic type

at present ,iCar Chery is under the ecological banner QQ ice cream ( Parameters | inquiry ) A model , The new car is positioned as a micro electric vehicle , It is expected that it will cooperate with Wuling Hongguang in the future MINIEV And other entry-level electric vehicle products . New car will be on the 8 month 24 Japan 24 The point is iCar Open blind subscription in ecological applet . About new cars and iCar The latest news about ecology , Car house will keep an eye on .( writing / Car home Xing Yueyang )

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