Autopilot logistics Zhijia technology / Amazon signed cooperation

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autopilot logistics zhijia technology amazon

[ Car home information ]  recently , We learned from the Internet , Heavy truck automatic driving technology company Zhijia Technology (Plus) And Amazon (Amazon) Sign order , The former will provide at least 1000 Set carrying NVIDIA DRIVE Xavier Automatic driving system of computing platform , Upgrade Amazon's long-distance logistics fleet .

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According to previous news , Amazon in 2020 In the past years 13 Bought the same family for $100 million NVIDIA DRIVE Ecosystem self driving taxi company Zoox. And in the 2021 year , Amazon signed a subscription agreement with Zhijia , When the purchase exceeds about 1 Wan Chi Chi plus technology heavy truck autopilot system , Have the right to obtain Zhijia technology through additional investment 20% Equity of .

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meanwhile , Ying Wei Da Xavier It is the first vehicle specification mass production system level chip in the industry that can meet the needs of automatic driving . The chip uses six different types of processors , Include CPU、GPU、 Deep learning Accelerator (DLA)、 Programmable vision accelerator (PVA)、 Image signal processor (ISP) And stereoscopic / Optical flow accelerator , Redundant and diversified strategies are adopted to ensure the safe operation of the autopilot system. .( compile / Car home Ma Aijun )

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