This way, the car can drive 10000 kilometers more

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way car drive kilometers

A journey , Begins with a single step . Tires are the feet of a car , If there is a problem with the tire, it will directly affect our driving safety . The most intuitive thing we can see about car maintenance is the appearance of the car and the tires , Let's briefly talk about what we should think and do about tire maintenance .

Check the tire pressure regularly

Tire pressure is an important factor affecting tire life , Don't be too high or too low , Inflate according to the tire pressure marked on the vehicle . Try to keep the tire pressure down in summer ; It's cold in winter , Try to ensure that the car's tires have more air than in summer , Because tires expand and contract easily . Only in this way can you drive comfortably and safely . If the tire pressure is insufficient or too low, it must be handled quickly , Avoid accidents while driving .

Pay attention to tire wear

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