Who will buy Ford Ruiji? The owner talked frankly about the car experience

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buy ford ruiji owner talked

Nowadays, the research and development level of automobile has entered a period of rapid development , Cars with 18 different martial arts are blooming in the market .“ Mobile sofa ” Nissan teana , It has gradually become the goal pursued by young people .“ The sales king of luxury cars ” BMW 5 system , Stand out among competitors of the same kind . Today, when high-quality models are everywhere , Auto manufacturers need to know how to adapt to the market in order to succeed . Just like Ford Ruiji . The owner Mr. Wang is a good friend in the circle , Who will spend 20 Wanmai Ford Ruiji ? The owner talked frankly about the car experience . Please listen to the owner's comprehensive analysis for us !

Appearance, that's really nothing to say , Many people say that this car looks a bit like a Porsche Cayenne . The lines are also relatively smooth , It looks very comfortable . The appearance of selfie online is highly praised , Headlight good-looking , Crystal clear feeling . Including the shape of the rim , There are many bright spots . The interior upholstery is more gorgeous than the same price , It looks very delicate , Very good . Touch screen feedback , Then the resolution of the reversing image is not very high . Most of the places that hands can touch are soft materials , Very humanized design . With some peculiar smell , New cars don't look like this , It takes time to smell .

A family of three. This car has enough space , There's no need to buy big , It's not easy to stop , This car is just right . For a family with two children like us , This car really has enough space , Both vertical and horizontal are very loose . The cab has enough space , The storage space is not as good as that of the Japanese system . I am 174, Daily ride 2 people , Take your colleagues to a full seat without crowding , The tail box basically meets the daily requirements . It's much more comfortable than my old one . Took a high-speed drive , I feel a little more tired than a car . There is no peculiar smell in the air , People will feel very comfortable . Rigid seat , But partial motion , It can't be like lying on the sofa .

Full of motivation , From the continuous output, we can see its strength . It's a 2.0T The engine of , Very powerful . Add this 8AT The transmission , It's pretty good . The start was smooth , No frustration , Generally use the standard mode , Use the economic model after driving . If you want a horse to run , You have to feed the horse , Such power , comprehensive 10 I like every oil .

I really didn't expect one 20 More than the SUV Can handle it so well . The steering wheel is light , Point precisely . Because the chassis is higher than a car , It feels better than xiaofudian . I should have braked , So active braking does not start . Compared the two cars , I want to say seven words : Buying it is the right choice !

Conclusion : Who will spend 20 Wanmai Ford Ruiji ? The owner talked frankly about the car experience . After listening to the owner's sharing , I think , The reason why Ford Ruiji is now a popular man , Different people have different opinions about appearance , I think the sports style is very handsome . Of course, there are still many gaps with the interior of domestic cars , There is still room for progress . The feeling of space can , There is too much space for a person to drive. It feels spacious and insecure . The seat doesn't look good , It's very comfortable . Undeniable? , The overall cost performance of Ford Ruiji is quite high . So for Ford Ruiji, which has attracted much attention , What's your opinion ?

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