Off road doesn't take the range rover into account! 2m higher than Sequoia, 3.5t with three locks

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road doesn range rover account

Among hardline SUVs , Toyota Prado 、 Both the land cruiser and the Range Rover are recognized as off-road artifacts , After all, their strong mechanical quality is really fascinating , However, in recent years, China has begun to pursue the demand for cars with great beauty , The larger the size of the car, the more it is favored by local tyrants , Today I brought the most famous hardline pickup truck in the car industry —— Ford Raptor , Off road doesn't take the range rover into account , high 2 MIBI Sequoia is domineering ,3.5T With three locks , only 53.28 ten thousand , Let's take a look at its specific performance .

In appearance , Ford Raptor gives the impression that it is domineering 、 Tough , The four sided thick blackened net on the front face , With polygons on both sides LED Headlights , It brings a strong American style of mecha , Pretty cool . body 5910x2192x1992mm The size is also quite slender and domineering , Stronger than Toyota Sequoia , The muscles at the front and rear wheel eyebrows are full , With multi spoke large wheel hub , Looks very strong , Full of movement . The tail shape is simple , The polygonal tail light group also echoes with the front face , Quite impressive .

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