Japanese cars that are "popular" by Chinese people are more beautiful than Langyi, with 1.6L engine and 4.9l oil

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japanese cars popular chinese people

In today's domestic auto market , Middle and low end SUV After the popularity of the market , At present, the compact family car market is also very popular , Like Langyi , corolla , The civic , Joint venture vehicles such as Xuanyi are particularly popular , We have achieved very good results , And Nissan Xuanyi is the sales king in this segment , So today we'll take a look at the specific performance of Xuanyi . Chinese people “ Hold red ” Japanese cars , More beautiful than Langyi ,1.6L engine 4.9L oil , Insufficient 10 ten thousand

In appearance , The overall design of the new car is excellent , It looks fashionable and dynamic , The front face is adopted U Chrome plated air inlet grille , And black Chinese net design , Create a strong visual impact , Long headlights on both sides , It enhances a lot of recognition , Both sides of the China open L Type fog lamp design , Add a lot of color to the design of the car , And from the side of the car , The sharp waistline is very slender , Outline a full sense of power , Five piece V The v-hub design is dynamic , In size , The length, width and height are respectively 4641mm/1815mm/1450mm, The wheelbase is 2712mm.

After entering the car , The whole interior design is full of strong visual effects , After a combination of two colors , It shows the breath of simplicity and fashion , The symmetrical center console is covered with a large area of soft material , The texture is quite good , Design of suspended liquid crystal display and liquid crystal instrument panel , Enhance the strong sense of science and technology in the car , The three piece flat bottom steering wheel is wrapped in leather , The grip is solid .

Finally, look at the design of power , One new car 1.6L Naturally aspirated engine , To match 5 Manual and CVT Stepless gearbox , The maximum output power is 139 horsepower , Peak torque is 169 Cattle meters , The fuel effect is very economical , Fuel consumption in one hundred kilometers 4.9L, The maximum endurance under full fuel condition is 950 km , Very suitable for home use .

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