It hasn't changed much, but it has changed the new range rover rendering exposure

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hasn changed changed new range

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【 Old driver news - Wang TongZhou 】 The Russian friend next door drew a rendering of the new range rover , The rendering is drawn according to the recently exposed spy photos of new car test , The design language of cash models is maintained as a whole , It seems that the appearance design has not changed much , But in fact, the new range rover will be replaced with MLA framework , Allow more extensive use of battery power in vehicles . The rendering idea of the all-new Range Rover may be affected by the star pulse , New car lights may become flat , Multiple horizontal line segments are filled in China Grid , The bottom bumper is more angular , With... On both sides “ Tiger beard ” decorate . The proportion of new vehicles remains unchanged , The door has a concealed door handle , The rear of the roof looks more sliding . The structure of the lamp strip of the tail lamp of a new car changes greatly , Compared with the cash double box , The new car's connected light belt looks a lot ugly , However, the rendering is for reference only , It doesn't mean the real car shape . Land Rover is still developing long wheelbase models and Range Rover Sport models of the all-new Range Rover , The all-new Range Rover is expected to go on sale in the second quarter of next year . The new range rover will have a new and more powerful plug-in hybrid model , And it is also possible to use BMW's... On the flagship model 4.4T V8 The engine , The news remains to be confirmed , Little brother will continue to pay attention to its follow-up .

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