It is more beautiful than the BMW 3 series, and its success is no accident

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beautiful bmw series success accident

Speaking of sports sedan , Who do you think of ? Dazhong lingdu ? The Honda civic ? Modern festa ? Or a baron 6? Today, let's talk about Honda Civic , The sales volume has exceeded 20000 for four consecutive months , Real power players !

Honda Civic officially rose from the eighth generation , Up to now, it has developed into ten generations , And the ten generations carried it forward , It has become the benchmark of sports sedan . Honda relies on the high sales of civic and other models , Now it has pressed Toyota , Become the Japanese car company with the highest sales volume !

The official price of Honda Civic is 11.99 ten thousand -16.99 ten thousand , The price positioning is very reasonable , With the public Langyi 、 Nissan Xuanyi and other prices were flat , It is very competitive .

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