X5 bought early? Cayenne "brothers" go to battle, full-time 4WD + differential lock

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x5 bought early cayenne brothers

When Chinese consumers choose cars in the market, they have a natural love for luxury cars , However, for this kind of models, they often pay more attention to their brand , Take the public , Its Volkswagen Touareg is a very low-key flagship SUV models , With the audi Q7、 Bentley, the more 、 Cayenne and other models belong to MLB EVO Platform to build , It can be called a cayenne 、Q7 Brother , So their own strength performance is also very excellent , Let's have a look .X5 Buy early ? Cayenne “ Brother ” Battle array , Beggar full-time 4WD + Differential lock , fall 10W No one wants to

First of all, in terms of the appearance design style of this car , This car and CC The sense of design is very similar , They all inherit the latest family design language , The middle net shape of the front face looks very atmospheric , The lamp sets on both sides look very chic , The side posture is 4.878 With the blessing of meters, it also looks very slender , Its width is 1.984 rice , The conductor is 1.702 rice , The wheelbase is also reached 2.894 rice , The body size has been improved , The design sense of the whole vehicle has also been improved , The tail is very full , It looks great .

After opening the door and entering the interior , You will find that its interior also maintains a family design style , The design of the center console looks layered , At the same time, it tilts slightly to the driver's side , This sense of design looks not only simple and three-dimensional , At the same time, the practicability is also very in place ,15.3 The size of the inch central control screen is very huge , Coupled with the 12.3 Inch full LCD dashboard , Technology and trend are also at the mainstream level in the market .

And in terms of power , He was carrying 2.0T Hybrid version and 3.0T The engine , The maximum output power can reach 245 and 340 horsepower , This data performance is very powerful , At the same time, the transmission is equipped with 8AT transmission , At the same time, the whole vehicle is also equipped with full-time 4WD and differential lock as standard , And air suspension blessing , The driving feeling of the whole vehicle is also very stable and comfortable , I can handle all kinds of road conditions with ease , The comprehensive strength performance is very good .

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