Witnesses said: at the scene of Yu Yuexian's car accident, camel viscera are everywhere. This section is a place where accidents occur frequently

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witnesses said scene yu yuexian

The unfortunate departure of Yu Yuexian really makes many people very sad , A life that should not have been lost happened at 3 a.m. late at night , In addition to many viewers and fans regretting Yu Yuexian , Many stars have also sent messages to mourn Yu Yuexian's death , Even many stars can't believe it's true , From the announcement sent by the police, it can be seen that Yu Yuexian hit two camels in this accident .

With everyone's heated discussion, some media also contacted an on-site witness , The witness said that Yu Yuexian's accident place was the section with high accident incidence , Camels often come and go there , Even locals are very careful where they drive , Dare not drive the car too fast , Because the incident section is close to the village , There are often camels crossing the road . Especially during the day, camels often cross that road .

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