Which is more comfortable, a car or an SUV? Old driver: everyone who has driven knows

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There are many differences between driving at high speed and driving at low speed , The speed is fast , Greatly improve time efficiency , Although high-speed driving is popular , Full advantages of itself , But high-speed driving also has some disadvantages , such as , The distinction between top speed and bottom speed , And what kind of car is suitable for driving on the highway , Has become a problem worthy of consideration , If you drive an inappropriate car on the road , Long term highway , Not only affect the driver's driving experience , The car will also produce some disadvantages and results , therefore , You must pay attention to what kind of car you choose .

Judging from today's car sales , What attracts the most attention is SUV Or a car , The two cars are different , Driving will also be different , Also run at high speed , Car and SUV Which one is more comfortable ? The old driver who drove the car gave the clearest answer , See if you think so ? About two types of cars on high speed , What's the difference …… After reading it, you may have a new understanding .

First , Let's see. SUV Characteristics , As a bigger car ,SUV The seats are several times higher than cars , Neither passengers nor drivers feel tired , You can stretch your legs naturally in the car , meanwhile , The chassis is a little higher SUV The safety factor is relatively high . Due to its own high-quality characteristics , The car owner has a broad visual experience , Even if there is a collision , The front lever can also play a good self-protection ability , therefore , Just call SUV It's a car with a high safety factor . Cars can't be compared at all !

From the appearance style , The car seats are relatively low , Visual sense is not SUV strong , In case of collision with other vehicles , Cars have no ability to protect themselves , Besides, , The car seat is low , Long term driving, even if there is a certain sense of comfort , however , Passengers feel their headache and their brains swell , It makes people feel uncomfortable .

In general ,SUV Driving at high speed highlights some advantages , But that doesn't mean it doesn't have its own shortcomings , because SUV Tall and tall , Strong wind resistance , It tends to increase fuel consumption , It cost the car owner a lot of money , therefore , Everything has its advantages and disadvantages , Especially in automobile knowledge .

Actually SUV How comfortable are the two cars , It is closely related to everyone's experience , Everything is a personal experience , Because of the emergence of new things , All have a certain significance , As for which model to teach well , Only according to your choice .

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