Another car is called "Prado" little brother. It feels like 600000 out of 130000. It's hot

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car prado little brother. brother

Speaking of today's cars , In fact, many people prefer to buy SUV The models , After all, it drives very domineering , But such cars are often very expensive , Today I'd like to introduce you to a car , It can be said that Prado's little brother, that's all 13 ten thousand , But you can drive out 60 Wan's feeling , Let's take a look at this car , A lot of people don't know !

In fact, it's like a famous one in the market SUV Just a few, as we know , harvard h6, Toyota Highlander , And Range Rover , prado , Mercedes g Such cars are good , But often the price is very expensive , Many people can't afford , The car introduced to you today is still made in China SUV Off-road vehicle , That's Jaguar q6, This car is very cost-effective , It can be called domestic hegemony SUV, Let's take a look at the detailed configuration .

Actually, cheetah q6 First of all, the appearance of this car is very satisfactory , The design is very similar to Prado, very domineering , The front part of the car adopts a large area of air intake barrier, which gives people a very strong visual impact , Then go to the headlight, which is also a perfect combination. It can be seen from the side , The design is also very square , Let the sportiness of the car and Brazilians have a very high-grade improvement , however 13 The price of 10000 is really very conscience

The interior design of this car is very simple , Adopt three width steering wheel design , The seats are all made of leather , The feeling of driving is very perfect , Although only 13 Ten thousand yuan , But it won't make you feel very crowded , This is also the car , The design is very conscientious , It is estimated that many people agree , Moreover, the configuration function is extremely rich .

A car like this , Unexpectedly, the configuration function , It is equipped with tire pressure monitoring , child seat , Reversing image , Panoramic sunroof , Keyless entry one touch start , When it's configured like this, I'm going to sleep , In this way SUV, It's really very satisfactory , And the size has reached an ideal level , You don't feel crowded when driving .

In terms of power, this car uses two versions of engine , Namely 2.0 Turbocharged and 2.4l Aspirated engine , And it's still the model , Maximum power can be reached 168kw, It can meet the driving requirements of various roads , Very satisfactory , I don't know what people think of such a car , The gearbox uses 6 Gear box .

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